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Sluice Boxes for gold prospecting. Welcome to at this site you will be able to find everything you want to know about sluice boxes.

To get started click on the menu to your left. As you can see the sluices are listed by size starting with the EZ Sluice which is considered a great starting box. But you can work your way all the way up to the Large Sluice Box.

First what is a sluice box? Often misspelled as "sluce box" these boxes are sizeable aluminum contraptions used for separating pay-dirt from sludge dug from a river.

Take a look at some of the sizes below, then you can read on!

Sluice Box Sizes
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Now you might be wondering how a gold sluice box works. To start you need a river that is a known source of gold deposits, we have listed some locating books in our Books section.

Now that you have a location and a sluice you need to have it set in the river so water properly flows through it. Proper protocol is one inch of drop per foot of length on your box. So if you have the Medium length box which is 3 feet long you need 3 inches of drop for proper water flow. You don't want your gold flakes riding too high!

Once the water is flowing through your box at the proper speed you are going to need dirt to classify. When dirt is entered at the mouth of the sluice the water flow and gravity bring it towards the bottom. The riffles or baffles disrupt the water flow causing the gold to fall into the miners moss at the bottom of the pan.

Once you are done it is important to rinse everything into a bucket so any gold flakes will still be available to you. Then you will be able to pan down your concentrates.

Below are some more tips and tricks and other various questions.

How do you build a sluice box? What plans do you need to build a sluice box? Well you may prefer to build your own sluce box we have listed some quality built sluices that are very reasonably priced in case you decide to buy a quality sluice. Remember you are looking for gold, you don't want to miss any with a less than perfect sluice.

What is a hungarian sluice box? What are Hungarian riffles? These riffles help disrupt the flow of water to help organize the gold towards the bottom of your sluice. Hungarian riffles is just another name for riffles or baffles.

Why use a sluice box? Usually when you go gold prospecting you go to enjoy nature as well, so using a hand powered non invasive sluice can still help you find gold without hurting the environment. These sluices are quiet and compact for easy transfer. Another bonus is these sluices can be instantly set up and clean in a snap.

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